Joseph Earl

Hosting your static site with Netlify


This site is hosted with Netlify. Why?

If you’ve ever used GitHub Pages to host a Jekyll site you’ll know how easy it is to update and deploy your site with a git push.

Netlify does the same job, but also supports a bunch more static site generators (like Hexo or Hugo — which this site uses) as well as free HTTPS with custom domain names using Let’s Encrypt. Enabling HTTPS is as simple as clicking a button and Netlify manages renewing your SSL certificates for you.

They also provide a global CDN to ensure your content gets to your users as quickly as possible.

The Pro plan at $49/mo (but free for Open Source projects!) lets you deploy branches to subdomains (e.g. deploy the staging branch to and accept secure form submissions which you can hook up to actions with Zapier.

You can view the source for this site on GitHub.