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Open to work

I'm open to new opportunities.


Through 12 years of professional experience in software delivery and leadership roles, I have found that good software is delivered through close customer collaboration and a happy workforce. Guided by the Lean and Agile philosophies, I continuously seek opportunities to learn and improve. My commitment to continuous improvement and respect for people fosters an environment that fuels innovation, collaboration, and growth. I firmly believe that empathy towards customers is essential for all team members, as is the ability to respond quickly to their demands through practices like DevOps and continuous deployment.


2023-Now Principal Software Engineer @ Motability Operations

Delivering the Motability Scheme online account to our 700,000+ customers allowing them to manage their lease online. Improving software delivery and engineering practices across our digital product teams.
Responsible for: Leading teams, coaching, technical architecture and stack, operations, innovation. Hands-on.

2022-2023 Principal Technical Consultant @ Waracle

Strategy and innovation for some of the UK's most pioneering clean tech startups and largest financial services and energy providers.
Responsible for: Helping to grow account relationships, developing the brand as a leader in thought leadership, leading consulting engagements, supporting sales & pre-sales.

2016-2022 Lead Technical Consultant @ Thoughtworks

Large scale technology modernisation, capability development and digital product development for some of UK's leading groceries, mobility, legal and business solutions brands.
Responsible for: Leading teams, performance reviews and coaching, technical architecture and stack, operations. Hands-on.

2015-2016 Chief Technology Officer @ Lenio

Keeping the spirit of giving spare change to charities alive in a digital and cashless society by automatically rounding-up purchases through banking integrations.
Responsible for: Hiring and managing technology staff, delivering investment prototypes. Hands-on.

2012-2015 Head of Mobile @ Powa Technologies

Delivering innovative omni-channel retail experiences and mobile payment solutions for customers and businesses.
Responsible for: Hiring and managing multiple mobile teams, providing mobile development, testing and release capabilities across iOS & Android. Hands-on.


Management & Leadership

People first
Coaching & mentoring
Wellbeing & culture
Performance reviews
Lean management
Engineering management
Lean product management
Team modelling & financial forecasting
Job requirements
Technical leadership
Technical strategy
Solution selection

Practices & Techniques

Customer focused
Product engineering
Customer support
Incidents, On call
Analytics, Metrics, KPIs
Shifting left
TDD, TBD, Pair programming
DevSecOps, FinOps
Separation of deployment & release, Feature toggles
Testing in production
Continuous delivery
Continuous deployments
Infrastructure as code
Compliance as code
Inception, Discovery, Planning, Retrospectives, Standups
Event storming
Lightweight threat modelling


Java, TypeScript, C#, Kotlin, Swift, Scala, Bash, Willing to learn
Full stack
Backend: Spring, Quarkus, Express, ASP.NET Core
Responsive Web: React, Next.js, Astro
Mobile: iOS, Android
Evolutionary architecture
DDD, Micro services, Micro frontends, Mobile micro features, Serverless, Messaging, Stream processing
Cloud platforms
AWS, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker, Lambda
Production deployments
Monitoring & alerting
Blameless post-mortems
Operational excellence

Books that have influenced my thinking

Radical Candor, Managing for Happiness, Leaders Eat Last, Superteams, Lean Enterprise, Accelerate, Project to Product, Team Topologies, The Phoenix Project, The Goal, QED


2006-2010 MSci Theoretical Physics @Imperial College London

Studying the universe and gravity with computational methods.

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