Joseph Earl

JavaScript and Semicolons


To semicolon or not to semicolon?

The comments on this StackOverflow answer should help you figure out whether they are currently in fashion.


Nonsense! You DO need to use semicolons!


It’s 2014 now, so we need semicolons again.

Mark Knol:

It’s 2015 now, so we don’t need semicolons again.

Saeid Yazdani:

Will we need to use semicolons in 2016?

Foo L:

It’s an even year, so yes, you do need semicolons :)


It’s 2016 now, we need semicolons again


It is midway through 2016 now, and for the most part it’s been a semicolons are optional but highly encouraged year.

Mangled Deutz:

So. It’s 2017 now. Year of the Fire Rooster Ding You. Semicolons or not?

Obsidian Age:

It’s now 2017, and according to StandardJS, we should not use semicolons. They cite these three references for their reasoning.


It’s now 2018. We have decided no matter which semicolon standard you use, whoever takes over your project will explain convincingly that the previous dev was an idiot for choosing that standard.


It’s the year 3000, use mixed semicolons, either alternate or use semicolons on even lines. If you add new lines to your code you will need to refactor all lines so that they continue to follow the first rule.